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Zoe Murphy

Young Brit Zoe Murphy travels everywhere from her hometown of Margate to Mexico to create bold upcycled pieces in her inimitable updated fifties style. Inspired by creatives including Lucienne Day and Martin Parr she upcycles furniture with printed formica and veneers and etching techniques and often creates textiles to match.

Sea-side cafes with their formica tables and the fairground feel along the British beaches pop out as much as the colour in her optimistic work. Particular emphasis is placed upon the importance of re-using as much of a material as is possible. Her work is ethically strong and offers a more ecological alternative to the ‘throw away’ designs of today.

Showing at exhibitions and events around the country, Zoe Murphy works to order from her studio in Margate, selling in Liberty, Osborn & Little, as well as direct.