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Twentieth Century Prints

"I've never known anyone regret buying an original print" Helen Rosslyn - Director of the annual London Print Fair.

Beautiful, decorative, affordable and accessible...prints are usually part of 'limited editions' - one of 100 or 200 copies and are generally signed and often dated, by the artist.

Geoffrey Powell of Twentieth Century Prints has chosen names familiar to Tate visitors such as David Hockney, Allen Jones, Henry Moore et al, limiting the scope of interest to prints from the post-war years to include the great explosion of printing unleashed by Pop Art and onwards to the Eighties.

Twentieth Century Prints also specialises in original posters from limited collections and mostly from the South of France. As a building designer Geoffrey Powell has a sharp eye for the type of art that enhances space. A keen collector himself, he is a font of knowledge and always good to chat to.