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This independent creative studio make and sell contemporary art worldwide with geometric pattern, found object and a dynamic approach to colour resonating throughout the catalogue.

The online gallery stocks collections of limited-edition graphic prints, one-off artworks, letterpress art cards and perennially popular three-dimensional butterfly cabinets. You'll find uplifting pieces in a variety of styles and sizes, designed to sit perfectly in all kinds of interior spaces.

For discerning buyers, tired of ubiquitous design, imagesurgery's energetically patterned English bone china tableware is a breath of fresh air. And its eclectic range of handmade machinery-inspired homeware, in a palette of muted shades, is made to be used and cherished forever.

Beyond the work available online, imagesurgery welcomes bespoke commissions from individuals and organisations of any size. The brand is experienced at creating and installing captivating art for private homes, hotels, restaurants and bars which are created to surpass customers’ expectations.