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100 Midcentury Chairs

Read about your favourite midcentury chairs and their stories in this hard back book sold by Tate Museums, Hepworth Gallery, Waterstones et al and published by Pavilion Europe and Gibbs-Smith USA. Founding partner of Modern Shows Lucy Ryder Richardson made contact with the families of the design greats to glean information on one hundred iconic (and accessible) designs and their history.

Marianne Wegner, Tobias Jacobsen, Celia Bertoia, Paula Day and Demetrious Eames are just some of the children and grandchildren who helped the former journalist with this book collectors, enthusiasts and design junkies will enjoy.

Expect controversy, some trivia, quotes and anecdotes with this unique insight into the postwar period when chair design was borne out of constraints and clever ideas in order to be brought to the masses. The book includes a timeline and packed international directory of dealers.

Images seen here from the book c Christies

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