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Workshop No 8

Workshop No.8 is an innovative new furniture design brand run by Jozsef Krausz who rejects flat-pack mentality in order to create furniture pieces not only carefully designed and tailored to fit the everyday needs of the user but that will last for generations.

With 15 years experience in creating bespoke creative items: original furniture, sculptural pieces, wall decorations, themed furniture sets and home-ware installations, Jozsef can turn his hand to a range of woodwork projects.

A talented creative, Jozsef enjoys working with wood, fibre glass, metals or plastics, amongst other materials. Workshop No.8 also does restoration work, up-cycling and reclaims old items and furniture.

Workshop No.8’s vision and ethos, is first and foremost, the restoration and appreciation of traditionally crafted furniture, whether it be a bespoke piece or one designed and made by Jozsef.

Part of this ethos involves encouraging and endorsing investment in well-made, handmade pieces which carry longevity and true enduring beauty that can be passed down to further generations.