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Sansho seek out and work with traditional Japanese craftsmen to develop beautifully made but practical Japanese homewares.

Sansho look for fukanzen no bi - the beauty of imperfection - in people and places and things. It finds handmade Japanese homewares that, in their imperfection, bring warmth and enjoyment into people's lives; homewares which are imbued with the character and depth of their maker. Sansho's aim is to provide a bridge for the makers it meets in Japan to reach other parts of the world.

All of the lights, plates, bowls, vases and accessories have been made to be used, not be kept in a gallery or museum. Sansho love tradition, technique and history but it can never be at the expense of making things to be handled, used and enjoyed. In this respect its products are completely normal, everyday items but at the same time they are special and delightful, hopefully bringing enjoyment and pleasure to everyday life.