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A vibrant mix of classic and restored items in stunning colours, LoftMe have the largest collection of midcentury modern seating on show in the United Kingdom with over 3000 sq ft of 300 plus carefully selected pieces in their London showroom. LoftMe focuses mainly on carefully selected original pieces.

The shop has sold thousands of vintage armchairs and sofas in a variety of styles over the years as well as storage and lighting. The owners pride themselves on their upholsterers who give vintage furniture a new lease of life without compromising their heritage ready to be passed down through generations. All items sold are either in the original state or restored as near as possible with integrity to the original design.

Whether you want to create a seating area in your home, pub, bar, restaurant or have a similar ongoing project, you can rely on LoftMe to supply you with stylish midcentury furniture that will inspire you and enhance your space.