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Haggerston October 2018

Dulwich November 2018


We run a number of vintage and modern design shows each year that attract people from all over the UK looking to buy collectable furniture and design for the home. Expect to see anywhere from 50 to 100 dealers showcasing either pure mid-century or a mix of mid-century and modern in atmospheres that make the experience an enjoyable Sunday out. Click on our posters below to read all about each carefully selected show. Come and join us and see why so many design aficianados rave about the shows and come back again and again.

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Latest comments...

 “It’s a brilliant show. My boyfriend and I have been coming since 2008. We bought our ‘grige’ sofa, 2 vases, an Eames chair. Midcentury Modern was part of the reason we moved to Crystal Palace.” Louise Wilkinson, designer, now shows at Midcentury Modern and Design Junction pop up.

“ I can’t believe I’ve never been before. I’m never missing one again.” Alex Keens-Soper, friend of Keith from Mini Moderns

"Midcentury Modern is great! We often pop in for design delights." Sarah Hamilton Prints 

"Beautiful chandeliers at the Midcentury Modern Show in Dulwich" Rachael Nicholls

"A Sunday is definitely improved by a visit and a bit of spending at the mid century modern fair at Dulwich College." Hilary Satchwell

" A superb modernshows purchase from retromaps. 18thC European civilisation represented in a 1970s French map." Chris Romer Lee

"Clocktastic midcentury @modernshows @ Dulwich College." Nick Darken

"Off to @modernshows at Dulwich College - time to get my head out of 18thC & into the 20thC. Usually it's a proper feast for the eyeballs." Elizabeth Fell

"This is pure furniture porn" overheard

"Its more than a fair, it's a happening..." overheard 

'Damn you @modernshows and your beautiful vintage furniture. #Quality@absolutebombs