Future Collectables Sourcing

With interest rates staying at a record low Lucy Ryder Richardson and Petra Curtis have set up a sourcing arm to Modern Shows® to address the demand for beautiful investment pieces, both mid-century and modern.

Why earn a paltry few percentage with an invisible investment when you can enjoy looking at a beautiful piece in your home or office? Even some office chairs, desks and shelving go up dramatically in value over a few years. We know the pieces that are doing well at the moment and can forecast ones that are set to sail.

Rather than put your money into the bank, savvy investors can now head here, give us your budget and a rough timeframe of 5,10, 20 years and one of the Modern Shows' Collecting Team will give you the lowdown on the collectables they forecast will make the biggest margins and then buy them for you at the best price. With 13 years as dealers turned show and marketplace organisers, Lucy Ryder Richardson and Petra Curtis not only have their finger on the pulse of what prices are being commanded and how trends have emerged and disappeared in mid-century and modern, they also have a huge network of contacts around the world at their disposal willing to give them a good deal.

Because the pieces Lucy and Petra have bought at their shows have increased in value hugely after a few years, the founders of Modern Shows and The Modern Marketplace have come to really trust their eye for a prize purchase.

We not only believe in our new sourcing service, we KNOW we can get you the right piece at the right price to make you a profit," says Lucy Ryder Richardson. "Because we've done it ourselves over and over again."

How it works

You tell us your budget, your lifestyle and your estimated timeline (one to ten pieces with a variety of sell on dates )

We tell you if this is achievable.

You give us a deposit of 5% of your total sourcing price plus VAT. This will be taken off our final sourcing price of 10% of your budget plus VAT. The minimum budget we are happy to work with is £20000.

Give us a list of pieces you like, an image of your favourite room in the house and your lifestyle...some aspects of which might go against certain collectables (dogs, children, constant moving from place to place, certain job conditions, stark sunlight in a room etc).

We send images of suggested pieces including the ones you love. We give you an estimate of the price we can get these for and the earliest production we can find for the best investment.

You choose as many as you can fit into your budget taking into consideration that this will not include shipping.

We get back to you with our finds plus delivery costs. Please allow at least a month for us to find the best piece at the right price as we want to get the prize pieces before they go into dealers' shops and be sure they are early productions rather than later ones before we send them onto you. The best pieces are often snapped up the minute they go online.

We know what documentation to ask for to get the best end deal. We know the good productions and dealers from the shoddy ones and we also know which designers will be collectable in years to come too if you prefer to mix modern with your mid-century.

Please contact lucy@modernshows.com re the sourcing service and you will hear back from either Lucy or Petra

Please note: while we do not foresee it happening, the 5% is non-refundable if you do not agree with what we find for you as sourcing is time-consuming work however we are happy to give you free entries to our shows for you and guests up to the 5% paid to us if we do not come to a satisfactory conclusion so that either way you find your dream purchases in the end.

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